Department of Human Resource Management

The Department was established as a department under the Faculty of Management. The Overall Strategic goal of the Department of Human Resource Management is to develop competent Human Resource Professionals for every organization through training, research, training and consultancy to enhance Human Resource best practices for high performance organizations.

The wealth of any organization is in its Human Resources, which represents one of the organization’s most significant investments for a major opportunity to establish a competitive advantage.  It is in this realization that MUBS has been offering Human Resource Management as an option of the Bachelor of Business Administration since the early 1990s. However, in 2002, MUBS started offering Bachelor of Human Resource Management as a standalone program.  In addition at the Postgraduate level, MUBS has been offering Behavioral Science, (Human Resource Management option) on its prestigious MBA of MUBS … read more >

Department of Leadership and Governance

The Department is committed to the Faculty of Management’s vision of being the Benchmark for Business and Management Education, Research & Training in the region, focusing on Human Resource Management, Leadership & Governance.

The Departmental programs are designed to prepare students to move the world forward in leadership and governance.

Mission Statement:

To provide ethical leadership and Governance through research, training and publication to our clients and make them visionary and competent leaders.

Human Resource Management Department

Our programmes

  1. Bachelor of Human Resource Management
  2. Masters of Human Resource Management
  3. Masters of Business Psychology

Career prospects

  1. Human Resource Management

The Programme offers graduates a wide range of career employment opportunities such as Managers and Human Resource Specialists in Central Government, Local Government, Non Government Organisations, Public and Private Institutions.

Graduates can be employed as Human Resource Managers, Human Resource Assistants, Human Resource Administrators, Administrative Assistants, Personnel Officers, Training Officers, Wages & Salary Administrators, Secretaries to District and Public service commissions as technocrats, Personnel Officers in different sections, Capacity Buiding Officers, Organizational Development Officers, Change Management Officers, Training Officers, Performance Management Officers, Team Coordinators.

The programme further officers in self employment as Consultants, Trainers and Researchers in different areas of Human Resource Management … read more >

Our programmes

  1. Bachelor of Leadership & Governance
  2. Masters of Science of Leadership & Governance

Career prospects

Leadership & Governance

Graduates can seek employment in the following sectors

  1. Central Government
  2. District Local Government
  3. Non Government Organization
  4. Private and Public Limited Companies
  5. Social Entreprises
  6. Private and Private Institution
  7. Research, Consultancies and Academia