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About Us

The Faculty of Management was set up in Academic year 1999-2000 and is responsible for the development of Basic Management programmes and courses.

The Faculty of Management has had four (4) Deans since its Inception namely;

  • Annet.K.Nabatanzi Muyimba (January 2013 to date)
  • Mohammed Ngoma (December 2011 – December 2012)
  • Freddie Semukono (August 2004- November 2011)
  • Lorraine Hazley Fayad (2001- July 2004)

The faculty has two departments;

  1. Department of Human Resource Management which is headed by Dr. Jolly.K.Byarugaba
  2. Department of Leadership & Governance which is headed by Dr. Isaac. N. Kayongo.