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The faculty holds three major functions in an Academic year which include;

1. Orientation function

This is a function which the faculty holds with its first year students immediately the semester begins/ commences and it is aimed to notify its students about the school and Faculty rules and regulations. The faculty started this function in Academic Year 2012/13 and it has been of help to the first year students.

2. Students below Average Function.

This function targets students with a CGPA below 2.80 to encourage / motivate them to work harder and also give them more tips how to read and pass their exams.

3. Excellence Awards Ceremony

This is a ceremony which is usually held in May each Year to recognize those students who have performed well (those who have attained a CGPA of >=4.00 in two consecutive semesters) each Academic Year. This function was started in Academic Year 2012/13 and the number of students recognized has continued to increase each year.

Among the other functions, the Faculty was able to hold the 1st Stakeholders workshop on 4th August 2017 in the Faculty of Computing ADB building this was inline with the course review exercise which was aimed at identifying the relevance of the Faculty programmes to the outside market.

In April 2017, the Faculty held a Staff Dinner at Silver Springs Hotel to celebrate the achievements it had attained in the last five years.