The Faculty of Management was set up in Academic year 1999-2000 and is responsible for the development of Basic Management programmes and courses. It currently has two Departments namely Department of Leadership & Governance and Department of Human Resource Management and it is headed by Dr. Annet.K.Nabatanzi Muyimba.


We enable the future

To enable the future of our Clients through Creation and Provision of knowledge in Human Resource Management, Leadership, & Governance, Psychology and Public policy


To be the leading academic insitution in the Region

To be the Benchmark for Business Management Education, Research & Training in the region, focusing on Human Resource Management, Leadership & Governance.

Faculty Strategies

  • Develop more staff with PhD programme.

  • Encourage research and publications through Research Committee.

  • Strengthen and enhance the Visiting- professorship program.

  • Identify and develop appropriate reading and reference.

  • Attract ,develop and retain highly qualified staff.

  • Develop and offer market responsive academic programmes.

Core Values

  • Time consciousness

  • Information responsiveness

  • Professionalism

  • Creativity and Innovation.

  • Team work