Completed Research Projects

The Faculty of management carried out a number of research.

Dr. Isaac Kayongo & Ms. Christine Namaganda.

Leadership Capacity in local Government & its impact on service delivery in Uganda: Case Study of education sector

Mr George William Mugerwa, Mr. Sudi Nangoli & Mr. Kituyi Mayoka.

An Analysis of fiscal decentralization as a strategy for improving revenue performance & service delivery in local governments.

Mr. Wesonga Akisoferi,  Mr. Ernest Abaho & Mr. Galimaka Denish.

Knowledge management & entrepreneurial performance. Case of telecom companies in Uganda.

Mr. Sentrine Nasiima & Mr. Sulait Tumwine

The Indispensable Capital of Manufacturing firms in Uganda.

Dr. Isaac Kayong.

Institutional theory approach as a framework for analyzing moral identity of sales people in the cosmetic industry in Uganda.

Mr. Moses Onyoin & Ms. Elizabeth Lamunu.

Research Culture, Leadership style & productivity of Academic staff in Uganda’s Public Universities.

Ms. Byarugaba K. Jolly & Mr. Gad Mutaremwa.

Human Resource Development, Employee Attitude & Behavior in Public & Private Universities in Uganda.

Mr. Masese Akisoferi Wesonga, Mr. Abbey Mutumba & Mr. Odera Simon Sabana.

Staffing fit, complimentary resources & mutual franchise success in Uganda’s telecom franchise business.

Ms. Nicola Muwanga & Mr. Odera Simon Sabana.

Job characteristics & Organization Citizenship behavior. Does Job satisfaction mediate this relationship: A study of Universities Academic employees in Uganda.

Mr. Duncan Mugumya, Ms. Mariam Nakate & Mr. Edgar Muhimbise, Mr. George William Mugerwa.

Career development, Career path, Career turnover tendencies among the teaching staff, a case of Public Universities in Uganda.

Mr. Donatus Mugisha & Mr. Moses Onyoin.

Perceived value, Group Identity and Collusion in public entities in Uganda.

Mr. Charles Kawalya & Dr. Isaac Kayongo.

Within work discretion: Antecedents of citizenship Behavior among temporary workers in non- profit human services organizations in Uganda.